Banging sexy divas under the shower

Sex under the shower is one of the most remarkable ways to satisfy yourself. There are many videos online, mainly by Manali escorts and Manali call girls who post excellent videos of shower sex. Many of them can be watched for self-satisfaction and for getting better at having sex in the shower. Look up some videos by any famous pornstar, and you will have detailed references on how to have fantastic shower sex.

However, we are here to give you some easy yet practical tips to have a great time. So please give it a read, and enjoy!

  • Use the bathroom wall well

Hold her against the bathroom wall and kiss however you like, though we will suggest you go slow and sensual and build up to the moment. Keep her pinned while you touch every part of your partner’s body and keep her stuck under you. The idea of having nowhere to go and being stuck arouse most women. Before both of you get under the shower, rile her up enough to begin to get her in the mood.

  • Finger your partner while she’s under the shower head

Pull her close to you and hold her tight while you finger her under the shower. While the water from above will get her calm and relaxed, your actions will get her hotter from the inside, wet down there, and ready to have sex with you. Try to kiss while fingering her so that all the combined sensations help her get wet, faster.

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  • Eat her out under the shower

Lower yourself on your knees on the bathroom floor and put one of her legs onto your shoulder while she balances herself with another foot and holds onto something for support. Hold her carefully, not allowing movement, and eat her out fast and hard. She is bound to get even wetter, making sex easy and enjoyable for both of you.

  • Ask for a blowjob and a handjob

Ask your partner to stroke you fast under the water to turn you on and get you ready for her. Then, move under the shower head and let the cool water relax as you enjoy your partner’s soft hands on your penis.

Take the support of the wall and ask your partner to give you a blowjob to get you hard enough to have sex with her. Ask her to use more of her tongue on the head and the shaft and pay attention to your ball sacks. You can also hold her and set a comfortable pace to move in her mouth without hurting her throat. Tell her only to rile you up and not make you cum.

  • Masturbate using your partner’s breasts

One of the best things to be done as a part of shower sex is using your partner’s boobs to get yourself hard. Below the shower, the running water provides a lot of lubrication which is otherwise impossible to get in the case of boobs. Ask her to hold her breasts tightly around your penis and move them up and down. It will give you the sensations of a lifetime. You can also thrust up between her boobs and set your own pace. Even if you cum, it will not be as nasty because it’ll wash off with the water!

  • Have sex with your partner under the shower, against a support

Sex under the shower is tricky and must be done carefully since bathroom floors are slippery and major accidents can occur. Ask your partner to hold on to a support tightly and lift one of her legs on an elevated surface. Once her crotch is exposed, use your pelvic muscles to penetrate her and set your pace the ways both of you like. In this position, you can kiss, mark each other up with hickeys, and fondle her boobs and nipples to add to the sensation.

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  • Enter your partner’s vagina from behind

Let her hold onto a counter or the shower pole and bend with her butt in the air. Penetrate her from behind, which will give you a lot of ease of movement as you can hold onto her waist to control the pace of your thrusts. She will feel you deeper inside her, adding to the pleasurable sensations. Pull her hair and use plenty of dirty talking if you both are into it. Bend down a little to take her boobs in your palms to massage, and you can even play with her nipples to drive her crazy. If a bit of pain or pleasure is both of yours’ fortes, pinch her nipples to add to the sensations.

Crouch a little more to get hold of her clitoris and rub it between your fingers, pinching it a few times. It will get her wetter for you, which is necessary because a lot of lubrication is washed off due to the shower; thus, more lubrication is always better.

  • You can cum on your partner’s body

The shower is the best place to cum anywhere on your partner’s body if you both like it. You can cum on her butt, thighs, boobs, and tummy, and it will not get nasty because all of it gets washed off in the shower. So, if you do not want to come inside her, cum anywhere on her body, and who knows, maybe the sight of your partner with your cum on her might get you ready for round 2!

  • Make her squirt

Under the shower, squirting is easy, and it is one of the sexiest things to try. Finger your partner hard and fast till she lets go and see her orgasm and squirt, which will probably be difficult to view when anywhere else. Women find it challenging to squirt even if they want to, at places where things can get nasty. However, nothing can get nasty under the shower as plenty of water is there. It is easier for her to let go and give you a view of a lifetime while she has one of her best orgasms.

These are some fantastic things you can do while you have sex in the shower. For relatable videos and to get more ideas look up any video uploaded by any Manali call girl or a Manali escort. They post a lot of content that is useful and enjoyable. We are sure with all these tips and ideas; you will have a fantastic time in the shower.

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