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Privacy Policy of escort world

Welcome to the genuine top-notch escorts service in. We tend to deliver quality satisfying service to gentlemen. The servings do not end at delivering the girl. There are many other aspects we require to consider; foremost is the Privacy Policy. Undeniably we gather personal information and other required details to deliver Escorts, but confidentiality and discretion are the priority for the client’s satisfaction. 

If you want a smooth sorted and satisfied adult entertainment service, ensure to read the policy and terms & conditions. Make a call to our agency if there are any doubts. If anybody booked the escort, they have agreed on all the terms and conditions and policies, and other factors. Reading them would be advantageous for men, because they will come to know what to expect, how to behave and what’s to be done, etc.  

100% secured personal details of clients 

When someone books call girl, we need to ask for their name, address, medical history, marital status, and other required information. The way you are concerned about your safety and privacy, we too need our service and girls to be safe and confidential hereby. We know you have a lot of doubts in mind while giving the personal details, but don’t bother at all for such reasons. The information you have given to the agency made you eligible to avail of the service. We understand that you have multiple questions in mind before giving your details. 

Find the Contact details on the website and connect with us accordingly. Ask whatever doubts you have in mind. Do not hesitate in asking. We will sort out all the queries. Rest the personal information is stored in our secured database. No one can get into the database without permission granted. Your reputation is in safe hands because we need to maintain a long-term relationship with customers. All the personal information about clients will be deleted once the service is availed. 

No pictures clicked or video captured with call girls. 

The way you want to secure yourself, we expect the same for our girls also. There are many clients, who want to capture the moments of the night with call girls in Pictures and videos. We do not allow you to do the same. These hot chicks came into the escort industry with a belief that their identity will be safe and secured with us. None will ever come to know about their profession. We must keep their identity safe and confidential. Therefore, we do not allow our customers to click any picture with call girl or no video shoot of the night. If anybody does that; you have to be accountable at the very same moment. We will take action because our duty towards escort asks us to do so. 

You are not under any camera 

When we want Privacy and confidentiality from the client’s end; the same dedication we show towards the clients too. Many individuals think that booking the incall escorts means getting captured in the cameras of luxury hotel rooms. Many customers think that Escort service installed cameras to blackmail them. We understand all these random thoughts. When we do something which needs to be confidential, at that moment we fear the same things 10 times more than actual. But don’t worry about us.

Our Escorts Agency is a genuine and reliable platform where you will find completely genuine and expected satisfying service. We will provide completely safe and secured service to gentlemen. You just need to check-in the hotel with the identity card, the rest is our responsibility to provide all required amenities. You will not get into any trouble while dealing with our agency. We will support our customers at all points until and unless they don’t mess up with girls or service policy. 

Privacy Policy must consider 

There are customers, who do not pay attention to the privacy policy or Terms & conditions. That’s not the right thing. You should read all the terms and privacy policies for seamless service.