Terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions of World!

Before anyone shows interest in the Escorts Agency, they must be aware of the terms & conditions of the agency. The adult entertainment world is a genuine and heavenly platform to fulfill all the carnal desires and fantasies. Meantime, it has some limitations and restrictions better for the customers only. If the customer will read the terms & conditions, it will be advantageous for the customers only. In case you have any doubt with the terms & conditions, please let us know immediately. 

Read on all the mentioned Terms & conditions, so that nothing will harm you and us both. These terms & conditions will be beneficial for you only. So better is to stay focused with them for seamless and satisfied safe service. 

Book prior 1-2 hours

If you want to avail the escorts, make sure you will place the booking prior 1-2 hour. We need time to process on with the things. Obviously we cannot render service without acknowledging the client’s needs and requirements. Our agency believes in providing best service exotic adult entertainment to the customers. So allow us some time to shortlist best girls.  

Extra Payment for outcall escorts.

If you need the call girls at your place, then you have to make extra payment for the cab. Your amount decided for the girl or the service in one stand does not include the payment of cabs. That is why ensure to pay for the delivery. 

Moreover, when you take outcall escorts; let us know where you will take the girl, and for how many days you need her and everything about the service you need.  

No advance payment to escorts service.

There are many escorts agencies ask for the advance payment. We are not one of them. Our focus is to keep the client happy, comfortable, safe and satisfied. That is why; we take money when the client is satisfied with the call girl recognition. Once you met with the girl, see whether she is the one you have seen in the picture sent by the escort service. If she is the one, then make payment at the time. 

Now let’s talk about the payment method. You can pay through online mediums like Gpay, Paytm, PhonePe or UPIs which you use. But in case we do not receive payment in our accounts and the amount deducted from your account; we are not going to accept that. The moment we receive the payment, at the very same time you can avail the service as you wish like.

It would be nice if you will prefer making payment through cash. Cash payment is better than anything else. There will be no technical glitch, everything goes on smoothly and nothing will happen make you stuck somewhere.   

Don’t do anything harms call girl in anyway

You are about to get the Escort as a companion. You need to be good with the girl. Be respectful with the girl and do not act like she is your servant. Harming the girl does not mean only physical. Be nice with her, make her comfortable and treat her like your companion. You cannot harm her emotionally, mentally and physically. The better you will be with her, the more she will treat you better and give outstand service.  

No video or photo clicks with call girls.

While availing the service, nobody is allowed to take pictures or capture video of the night. It is legally offensive and we can take step against this. If you want us to respect your privacy, make sure you will respect her image and privacy also. 

Cancellation Policy 

If you have booked the Call Girl with the booking amount paid; that is done with us. If you want to cancel the service, then we will refund your entire amount. But we will keep the booking amount with us.  

Call Girls are above 18 & No minor allowed availing service

All the call girls are above 18 years old and nobody forced them to enter in the adult entertainment world. They were interested, therefore came into the adult entertainment industry. 

If you are above 18 years, then you are legally entitled to avail the service. If you are minor, leave the website because we are not responsible if anything happens then.